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How to Get Rid of Black Mold in Bathroom

One of the areas in your home where the conditions for black mold growth are at their best, is without a doubt your bathroom. This moisture filled room is exceptionally great for black mold to thrive, because all the elements that fungus needs to grow come together in high frequency.

black mold in bathroomIn this place meant for personal hygiene, the last thing you want to be confronted with, is this nasty black substance. For this reason we composed this guide, which will help you remove bathroom mold and prevent further growth.

What Causes Black Mold in Bathrooms?

Black mold often occurs in poorly ventilated bathrooms which haven’t been cleaned on a regular basis, which lead to optimum conditions for mould growth. Their are 5 specific elements that need to be present for black mould to grow: mildew spores, a food source, a place to grow, a source of moisture and oxygen.

Next to these necessary elements, there are some factors that increase the growth, namely: adequate heat, high humidity, sufficient time and minimal light.

When you look at the factors listed above you will notice that a bathroom meets all the required aspects for mildew to grow and even meets all the factors that increase its growth substantially.

For more in-depth information, make sure you read our guide on the Causes of Black Mold Growth.

Bathroom Mold Removal and Prevention Guides

Black mold actually can grow in almost all areas in your bathroom, simply because the conditions are often optimal for fungus to grow. To help you remove black mildew from your bathroom and prevent it from coming back, we have listed guides that deal with mould in specific areas of your bathroom:

  • Tiles – Our detailed step by step guide on how to remove the black fungus from bathroom tiles.
  • Grout – Learn to remove mildew on grout in a couple of simple steps.
  • Caulk – Find out how to remove mould from shower caulk with some interesting prevention tips.
  • Shower Curtains – Yes, you can even remove black mold from shower curtains, without throwing them away each time you spot dirty mildew stains on them.
  • Toilets – This guide will show you how to remove black mold from your toilet, including the bowl, tank and seat.
  • Bathtubs – Bathtubs are excellent places for fungus to grow. Find out what the removal process is for mould from your bathtub.
  • Under Sinks – Not only in your sink drain, but also under the sink is an area where mildew can be found. Once detected you can remove the fungus under a sink with the help of our instructions.
  • Air Vents – Good air circulation can be great to prevent mold growth, however poorly maintained air vents and ductwork can also be a place where fungus and mildew loves to grow. Get to know in detail how to remove these mildew from air duct and vents in your bathroom.
  • Carpet or Rugs – Your bathroom rug also might be affected by mould growth. This guide will help you remove mold from rugs in no time.

Guide on Black Mold Removal and Cleanup – Your one-stop guide with detailed information on the black mold removal process, including essential tips and warnings.

Once the removal process is completed and you cleaned up and disinfected the area accordingly, you want to make sure the bathroom mold doesn’t grow back anytime soon. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can take a look at our complete guide on Black Mold Prevention. All the guides listed above contain some easy to follow prevention tips for the specific areas in your bathroom.