Black Mold Removal and Control

Black mold can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Learning that your home is infested with mold can be a daunting reality that must be dealt with as soon as possible.

It can cause a number of serious health problems and if left untreated, can spread throughout the house.

black mold control

What is black mold?

This fungus is also called: Stachybotrys chartarum, and can form on organic material in areas where there is high moisture and poor ventilation. It often first appears as a slight yellowish discoloration on a wall, baseboard or other area prone to conditions favorable for the growth of mould.

As the mildew begins to flourish, it can have a slimy dark green to blackish color. Remove the fungi quickly, because the more it is allowed to flourish the more it will spread and it can cost a great deal of money for remediation.

Do you smell a musty odor inside your house? The culprit may be mold. As scary as that can be, it is possible to get rid of this unwelcome guest yourself with the help of some simple tips.

Causes of black mold

Mold of any type is a frustrating microbe, especially when it’s found within your home. This microbe has stood the test of time when it comes to spreading across the world. A particular type referred to as black mold is particularly harmful and prevalent in and around homes today. Learn the causes of this microbe so that you can deal with it in a swift manner.

black mold removal

Microbe needs 2 things…

Microbe growth needs two main things, including moisture and warmth. There might be a leak in your shower or within the walls. Spores find their way into almost every crevice, and discovering warmth and moisture is a perfect breeding ground.

Other causes include food resources. Mold feeds on plant-based materials, which equates to most household items. The walls, in particular, have wood studs that are perfect for mold growth when moisture is present. A heated pool is also a perfect location for microbes unless it’s cleaned on a regular basis.

Black mold loves areas that are wet, so it makes sense that it would appear in places with condensation. You can decrease the condensation in your house by using bathroom and kitchen fans every time you cook or shower, opening windows whenever possible, purchasing a dehumidifier, and insulating your windows. You can also raise the temperature in your house, since condensation occurs when warm air meets a cool surface. These tips will help prevent condensation in your home in order to prevent that dreaded black fungus.

Black mold removal

Cleaning it from the affected areas should always be approached with caution. You are welcome to read the different articles we have compiled on the black mold removal process. These detailed articles contain step by step guides to remove black mold yourself and are filled with some excellent tips and warnings.

Causes, prevention and control

You might wonder why your home or rental apartment suffers from a black mold infestation. To find out the most common causes of black mold growth, you should take a look at our information. The best way to tackle your mold problem is to prevent its growth. There are great ways to prevent mold growth, which are laid out for you in our guide filled with tips on black mold prevention.

Lately, black mold exposure has really been hyped in the media. To find out the ins and outs of this hype, we suggest to read our article dealing with black mold symptoms and health risks.